Google Created to Worship - Conformed to His Will - Called to Witness


Minister Bertha Moore
Deacon Roscoe  (Sr) & Octavia Jones
Sister Ruthie Mae Banks
Sister Candy Reese
Sister Johnetta Morgan
Siser Cynthia Anderson
Sister Sunilla Thomas
Mattie Hawkins
Mattie Seay Hawkins
Sister Helen Cody


Minister D-Ray and Angela McCraw
Deacon Oscar Locke
Deacon Jerry Covin
Sister Annie Doris Lovejoy
Sister Janet Jones
Sister Ceola Richardson
Sister Lanita Jones
Sister Christine Lammons
Sister Janice Locke
Brother Mike and Gwen Mitchell


Deacon Dobbie George
Brother Calvin & Sister Lucresha Silas
Brother Buffery and LaTonya White
Brother Gerald and Melita Williams
Sister Babara Jackson
Sister Lottie Johnson
Sister Viola Digby
Brother Joseph and Terry Ross
Sister Kimberly Souls
Sister Faye Silas


Brother John and Min. Lizzie Battle
Deacon Kenneth & Charisse Jones
Brother Jimmy and Tammy Burley
Sister Alberta Covin
Sandra Griffin
Brother Courtney and Sheress Redding
Sister Pauline Smith
Sister Willene Crenshaw
Brother Ralph Crimley


Pastor and Sister Lovejoy
Deacon Melvin and Shawn Patterson
Sister Clara Randall
Sister Mary Jackson
Sister Sharon Neal
Brother Frederick Richardson
Sister Shannon Scott


Deacon Randolph and Min. Harriet Jones
Deacon Roscoe (Jr.) and Lisa Jones
Sister Trudie Ward
Brother Charlie and Felichia Marcus
Sister Barbara Freeman
Sister Merry  Morgan
Sister Polly Jones
Sister Gloria Harvey


Minister Tyrone and Donna Jones
Deacon William Jackson
Deacon Keith and Candis Jones
Sister Rosa Mae White
Brother Johnny and Patricia Edwards
Sister Wilma Walden
Sister Christine Florence
Sister Flossie McGregor