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Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia Announcement
Posted By: 4/16/2021 12:43:45 PM

Excellent recreational opportunity! Please distribute widely!
Excellent recreational opportunity! Please distribute widely!
Posted By: B. Keith Jones4/6/2021 6:21:07 PM

(2021) 03-05-21 Mitchell County Board of Health Slides
Posted By: B. Keith Jones3/4/2021 7:30:22 PM

Today's Sermon is posted for your listening
Posted By: B. Keith Jones2/21/2021 4:00:03 PM

Spring Creek Cooperative Healthcare Assistance notification
Posted By: B. Keith Jones2/5/2021 5:23:54 PM

SWGA Council Local Research Study - SPREAD THE WORD
Posted By: B. Keith Jones2/3/2021 5:11:45 PM

Family Wellness/Destiny 4U Work from Home Opportunity
Posted By: B. Keith Jones12/17/2020 2:51:40 PM

COVID-19 Quarantine_Contact Guidance 12.4.2020
Posted By: B. Keith Jones12/9/2020 6:48:07 AM

Pamper Me Pink Event (Breast Cancer Awareness Month)
Posted By: B. Keith Jones10/21/2020 9:53:54 AM

Community Engagement 2020 Series III October 20 FLYER
Posted By: B. Keith Jones10/20/2020 10:26:59 AM

Mitchell Dfcs Job Announcement
Posted By: B. Keith Jones10/5/2020 9:34:54 PM

Pelham Georgia Townhall meeting
Posted By: B. Keith Jones10/5/2020 3:59:39 PM

Pelham Georgia Townhall meeting
Posted By: 10/5/2020 3:59:28 PM

Community Engagement 2020: Series II September 29,2020 4 PM to 5 PM
Posted By: B. Keith Jones9/29/2020 11:15:15 AM

Register to Vote
Posted By: B. Keith Jones9/27/2020 9:53:10 AM

Girl Scouts of Historic GA upcoming events and opportunities
Posted By: B. Keith Jones9/17/2020 9:09:27 AM

Mitchell County Census Report September 10, 2020
Posted By: B. Keith Jones9/13/2020 4:52:38 PM

09-12-2020 Drive Through COVID Testing Event
Posted By: B. Keith Jones9/6/2020 2:06:31 PM

(2020) 08-31-2020 Census Update and information
Posted By: B. Keith Jones9/1/2020 7:36:20 AM

(2020) 008-31-20 Work Source Flyer
Posted By: B. Keith Jones8/31/2020 9:49:11 AM

(2020) 08-27-20 Family Connections Communication - Girl Scouts are Stronger Together!
Posted By: B. Keith Jones8/28/2020 7:08:05 AM

First Lady-Tyler Perry-GRACE Commission Release Human Trafficking PSA
Posted By: B. Keith Jones8/27/2020 1:52:38 PM

(2020) 08-25-20 To Stop COVID-19, Gov. Kemp Urges Georgians to Do - Four Things for Fall
Posted By: B. Keith Jones8/25/2020 4:45:58 PM

(2020) 08-24-20_Georgia_Situation_Report_COVID
Posted By: B. Keith Jones8/25/2020 9:04:54 AM

(2020) 08-12-20 Work Source Georgia Update
Posted By: B. Keith Jones8/17/2020 6:59:02 AM

Partner agencies provide pandemic assistance for 1.1M Georgia students
Posted By: 7/28/2020 12:02:40 PM

Pelham City Schools Restart Options - Please distribute widely
Posted By: 7/27/2020 3:04:15 PM

(2020) 07-15-2020 CDC - Fact Sheet for Young Adults
Posted By: B. Keith Jones7/16/2020 10:01:21 AM

Communication from Family Connections Virtual Community Block Party with Greg Street
Posted By: B. Keith Jones7/15/2020 9:07:53 AM

Posted By: B. Keith Jones7/13/2020 8:39:29 AM

Helen Cody5/1/2020 10:12:28 AM
Good Morning Everyone! Stay focused on God and he will direct your path!

Helen Cody5/1/2020 10:12:21 AM
Good Morning Everyone! Stay focused on God and he will direct your path!

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